About Us

Coval Vapes strives to provide the highest quality e-liquid on the market at a fair price. We believe that you don't have to reduce quality in order to make e-liquid affordable, and our flavors absolutely prove that.

Beginning in our sole brick & mortar store in San Antonio, TX, Coval Vapes' E-Liquid gained popularity via word of mouth on social media such as Facebook and Reddit. Our skilled mixers and flavor designers listened closely to the vaping community to design flavors suited to what vapers wanted. Since our inception, we have taken customer feedback very seriously and it has helped tremendously in crafting unique and exciting flavors.

Coval Vapes has become a recognized name in E-Liquid worldwide and we are excited about what we can offer our wholesale customers. Our quality speaks for itself and we are sure that you will agree: It's a hobby, not a habit.™